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Project Profile - City Lights

Posted by Tim Hardy P.E. on Mar 12, 2020 4:53:09 PM
Tim Hardy P.E.
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Concrete Welded Plates Application

Image Courtesy City Lights

About the Project:

City Lights is an upscale apartment building that is designed with occupant comfort in mind. With a close attention to detail, the architects specified energy efficiency features such as large windows for solar gain which are triple glazed for energy efficiency and soundproofing.

As part of their marketing promotion, they state that "the building's insulation far exceeds energy efficiency requirements and will keep the air cool in the summer and warm in the winter".

Concrete Welded Plates Application

About the Team:

Owner: Dagesse Co.

General Contractor: Dagesse Co.

Architect: Wiemann Lamphere

Steel Fabricator: Jefford's Steel & Engineering

Concrete Contractor: SD Ireland


Concrete Welded Plates

For more information on the City Lights project, visit their website here!

EM-BOLT Technologies Used:

42 EM-BOLT Boltable Embed Plates were used to connect the steel framing to the foundation walls, saving onsite welding resources, project cost and timeline.

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The EM-BOLT Patented Boltable Embed Plate


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Concrete Embed Plate with Thermal Break Technology

The EM-BOLT Patented Boltable Embed Plate with Thermal Break Technology




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