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The Patented EM-BOLT Boltable Embedded Plate Saves Construction Time and Money.

Why weld when you can bolt?

Old Style Welded Embedment Plate vs New Style Boltable Embedment Plate


With this new patented boltable embed steel plate design:

  • As a contractor or fabricator you can lower project costs and reduce timeline risks on your next structural steel project.

  • As a structural engineer you can bring a cost-saving solution to your customers.


Embedded Plate Design Reduces Construction Costs

In addition to the recognized purchase and install cost savings, EM-BOLT steel embed plates reduce on-site construction risks.

Onsite welding risks are eliminated:

  • Welding fumes and flash are minimized
  • Risks associated with ladders in the elements are minimized
  • All welding is done in a controlled environment – quality of steel beam to concrete connection is not compromised by inclement weather


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Improve Structural Integrity

EM-BOLT steel embed plates also provide structural engineering design advantages over traditional steel embed plates.

Structural Advantages:

  • EM-BOLT offers direct load transfer to each anchor bolt – no localized stresses in plate
  • More consistent connection – not relying on quality of weld
  • Full-scale load tested to sustain a working load of almost 600% of the maximum load required by the 2015 International Building Code and Appendix D of ACI-318.

Concrete Embed Plate Design Drawing



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Design Just Like You Always Have

You can design for boltable embedment plates just like you have always done with concrete weld plates!

Here are design examples to ACI 318-14, Chapter 17:

EM-BOLT Embed Plate Design - Using HILTI Profis™ Software Analysis

EM-BOLT Embed Plate Design - Using Simpson Strong-Tie Anchor Designer ™ Software Analysis


ACI 318-14, Chapter 17 Example 2


Don't worry about the design details!

  • The EM-BOLT team of structural engineers and Revit technicians is here to provide complete Revit families and connection details to incorporate into your drawings.
  • In addition we can provide custom solutions as well as embed plate detail drawings to your specific project needs at no cost.


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For an example of a complex project with custom embed plates and innovative thermal break technology, read our article on the Institute for Advanced Study  at The Rubenstein Commons on the Princeton University campus.

Installation is Easy and the Cost Savings are Compelling!

Boltable Embedded Plate Technology Saves Time and Money

By freeing your welding resources to perform other valuable work, boltable embed plates can be installed and structural beams connected with common construction labor. 

Go here to see how installation is fast and efficient.


Steel Embed Plate-1


Don't take our word for it, see a case study here!

See a standard welded embed plate vs boltable concrete embed plate cost savings case study here.



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EM-BOLT Thermal Break Technology Helps You Meet New Code Requirements

Concrete Embeds

EM-BOLT boltable embeds enable thermal breaks where welded concrete embed anchors do not.

Meet demanding building energy efficiency goals and codes regarding concrete thermal breaks with new thermal break technology.

Stay tuned! EM-BOLT is launching new thermal break structural steel joining solutions shortly including the concrete slab embeds to replace concrete embed angles used for concrete slabs which create a thermal bridge to building exteriors.

Embedded Plate Design with Thermal Break

Interested in seeing exactly how EM-BOLT boltable solutions will save you money on your structural steel products? Get the Guide below! 

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Learn how using the EM-BOLT boltable embedded plate technology in the connection between steel and concrete reduces construction costs & timeline risks, while improving structural performance and energy efficiency!

Start Saving On Your Next Construction Project!

"Embolt provided a unique product that met our needs and exceeded our expectations. 

EM-BOLT’s flexibility and creative approach to handling the relentless design challenges of this project was critical to our success."

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Matt Wert, CM-BIM W.S. Cumby, Inc.

“The speed and efficiency of installing EM-BOLT in the formwork greatly reduces the field labor compared to field welded embed plates, which allows us to stay on schedule with large commercial projects.”

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