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Welded Steel Embedment Plates vs. EM-BOLT Boltable Steel Embedment Plates Cost Comparison - Which is the Better Value?

Posted by Tim Hardy P.E. on Jul 26, 2019 4:31:00 PM
Tim Hardy P.E.
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Old Style Welded Embedment Plate vs New Style Boltable Embedment Plate

Embedment Plates are not an inconsequential cost to the foundations of large construction projects. Here's a way to bring this cost down.

In a large construction project foundation, there can literally be thousands of Embedment Plates. Each embedment plate carries a cost, as it requires design, specification, purchase, installation into the form, marrying to the carrying beam which usually is done by welding, and then post-weld inspection of the embedment plate to beam joint.

These small line items can easily cost into the hundreds of thousands of dollars in installed cost per project.

As a structural engineer, you can bring savings to your client, or as a contractor you can recommend changes that will lower your overall project costs and make your bid more competitive by looking at your embedment plate selection strategy.

Most engineers and constructors think of embedment plates as a commodity to be purchased at the lowest per-part cost. But one builder has done the numbers, and determined that boltable embedment plates can save significant project cost vs traditional welded embedment plates, while increasing safety and removing project timeline risk.

EM-BOLT boltable embedment plates are designed with features that make installation into the form quicker, but more importantly eliminate the welding step. This saves considerable time in fitting up the beams both in reduced labor as well as reduced inspection time.

Below is an actual cost comparison provided by the steel fabricator for a recent $250M mixed-use project. They did this comparison to understand just what the project cost savings could be by moving from standard welded embedment plates to patented EM-BOLT boltable embedment plates.


The estimate below shows the cost of the welded embedment plates per piece and includes the line item 'Welding & Inspection Labor' which was their estimate of the increased welding and inspection cost across all of these plates vs using the boltable embedment plate approach.


Standard Welded Embedment Plates      
Item Qty Unit Price Total
BEP-0 2504 $17 $42,568.00
BEP-0T 623 $45 $28,035.00
BEP-1 10 $40 $400.00
BEP-1T 91 $85 $7,735.00
BEP-2 134 $100 $13,400.00
BEP-2T 4 $160 $640.00
BEP-3 310 $125 $38,750.00
BEP-3T 59 $215 $12,685.00
BEP-4 49 $145 $7,105.00
BEP-4T 5 $260 $1,300.00
BEP-5 16 $170 $2,720.00
BEP-5T 1 $320 $320.00
BEP-6 4 $195 $780.00
BEP-6T 2 $350 $700.00
Welding & Inspection Labor 3812 $15 $57,180.00
Studs (Anchor Bolts) 6769 $3 $20,307.00



The estimate below shows the total installed cost for the identical project moving to boltable embedment plates. Without the welding, inspection and additional studs, you can see that the overall project cost is considerably less. 


EM-BOLT Patented Boltable Embedment Plates      
Item Qty Unit Price Total
BEP-0 2504 $25 $62,600.00
BEP-0T 623 $55 $34,265.00
BEP-1 10 $48 $480.00
BEP-1T 91 $95 $8,645.00
BEP-2 134 $110 $14,740.00
BEP-2T 4 $175 $700.00
BEP-3 310 $140 $43,400.00
BEP-3T 59 $240 $14,160.00
BEP-4 49 $155 $7,595.00
BEP-4T 5 $275 $1,375.00
BEP-5 16 $185 $2,960.00
BEP-5T 1 $335 $335.00
BEP-6 4 $205 $820.00
BEP-6T 2 $375 $750.00
Welding & Inspection Labor 3812 $0 (Note A) $0.00
Studs (Anchor Bolts)* 6769 $0 (Note B) $0.00


Note A - No field welding or welding inspection required with EM-BOLT embedment plates.

Note B - Studs are included in cost of EM-BOLT embedment plates.


Standard Welded Embedment Plates $234,625.00
EM-BOLT Boltable Embedment Plates $192,825.00
Total Savings Using EM-BOLT Boltable Embedment Plate $ 41,800.00


This is a simple labor and material cost comparison and doesn't take into account the additional potential savings due to reduced or eliminated project delays and potential safety costs due to not being able to weld and inspect in poor weather or mishaps that can happen while welding on a ladder.

In this scenario the Fabricator recommended using EM-BOLT boltable embed plates due to both cost and schedule benefits.

Interested in learning more about how EM-BOLT boltable embed plates save construction costs and time? Take advantage of the Guide below!

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