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EM-BOLT Boltable Steel Embed Plate Installation for Structural Steel Foundations

Posted by Tim Hardy P.E. on Jul 24, 2019 4:27:12 PM
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Save time and money and improve safety on your next construction project with this proven steel embed plate.

The videos below walk you through the features and benefits of patented the EM-BOLT boltable steel embed plate and demonstrate how easy it is to use. 

By eliminating the field welding step of fixing structural steel beams to concrete foundations the patented EM-BOLT steel embed plate provides a range of advantages including:

  • Reduced beam installation time
  • Eliminated delays due to weather or skills being tied up with other work
  • Improved safety (no welding on ladders or in bad weather)
  • Reduced inspection costs and delays














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Embedded Plate Installation Detail 1:

The EM-BOLT boltable embedded plate design is installed inside the concrete form as would be a traditional embedded plate. A chalk line is snapped on the form indicating top of plate elevation and the plates are aligned to this line.

concrete embedded plate example

Concrete Embedded Plate Example

Embedded Plate Installation Detail 2:

The EM-BOLT embedded plate is provided with a centerline slot at the top of each plate. This is for horizontal location. Clip angles for the embedded plate to structural steel joint will have horizontal slots in both legs to allow for movement in both directions due to minor mis-alignment of plates in concrete.

In a typical design, ¾” bolts are used and the slots would be 1 7/8" long, so the clip angle can move 1/2" each way off center. This means that each EM-Bolt embedded plate needs to be within 1/2" either way of center.

Occasionally an embedded plate is positioned outside of this tolerance. If so, the clip angles can be fabricated to align with the installed position of the embed plate. 


embedded plate close up

Embedded Plate Close-up

Embedded Plate Installation Detail 3:

The EM-BOLT embedded plate is fitted with decking screws at all (4) corners. This makes installation possible with one person. This person can hold the plate in place and drive the screw in without a helper.


embedded plate installation

Drywall Screws Provided Ease Embedded Plate Installation

Embedded Plate Installation Detail 4:

Here’s what an EM-BOLT embedded plate looks like in place. You’ll note that the plate is slid into place between the form and the rebar. Bolts provided as part of the EM-BOLT assembly are then added.


Embedded Plate Detail

Installation - Embedded Plate Detail

Embedded Plate Installation Detail 5:

The bolts are added as shown below and are hand tightened until snug.

embedded plates for sale

Embedded Plate Design - Provides Ease of Installation

Embedded Plate Installation Detail 6:

Occasionally, across a large number of embedded plate installations, a bolt installation or two is missed. As in the picture below, as soon as the plastic protective cap is removed, it’s easy to see that the concrete is visible.

If this is the case, the concrete is drilled out through the existing hole in the embedded plate  and the location where the bolt would have been is replaced with an adhesive anchor.


installation detail of embedded plate

Installation Detail of Embedded Plate

Embedded Plate Installation Detail 7:

The difference between the EM-BOLT boltable embedded plate and a standard welded plate is that the embedded plate to structural steel joint is bolted as shown below, rather than welded. This saves significant project costs.


concrete embedded plate to structural steel joint

Concrete Embedded Steel Plate to Structural Steel Joint

Embedded Plate Installation Detail 8:

In addition to being easy to install, the EM-BOLT boltable embedded plate is a more reliable connection and can be easily designed into any project. 



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Embedded plate Revit drawings of our standard series of products are also available, for Revit drawings go here.

To learn more about the advantages of EM-BOLT Boltable Embedded Plates, go here.

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EM-BOLT Embed Plates & Thermal Breaks

Will help you in:

  • Reducing your construction costs
  • Improving your building energy efficiency envelope
  • Reducing on site hazards and improving site safety
  • Reducing construction project timelines
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