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EM-BOLT Introduces Patented Boltable Embed Plate

Posted by Tim Hardy P.E. on Aug 22, 2019 8:23:58 AM
Tim Hardy P.E.
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EM-BOLT has Introduced an Innovative Patented Boltable Embed Plate!

The EM-BOLT embed plate system saves significant construction time by eliminating costly field welding during construction. The boltable embed plate is installed similarly to a traditional welded embed plate but is provided with ease-of-use features which make installing the embed plate to the form a breeze.

Once the concrete is poured, the savings really begin. By avoiding having to field weld each beam to the embed plate an entire construction step is eliminated.

By eliminating the welding step not only is labor saved but potential delays due to weather preventing field welding on a given day are eliminated as well.

Welding a beam to an embed plate can be an inherently dangerous operation, often performed on ladders in sub-par weather conditions. Welds require expensive and time consuming inspection as well. The EM-BOLT embed plate eliminates both time and risk on construction sites.

To see how the patented boltable concrete embed plate can save construction costs vs standard welded embed plates, see our blog Boltable vs Standard Embedment Plates Cost Comparison - Which is the Better Value?.


Patented Bolt-able Embed Plate - EM-BOLT



Designed and patented by Tim Hardy, PE, Owner of Hardy Structural Engineering


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Patented Embed Plate Saves Time and Money


2009 - Original Idea
2014 - First design, price was not competitive with traditional embed plates
2 Days Later - Eureka! 
2014 - 2016 Planning and Testing (See video of embed plate structural load testing to ACI 318-14 here).
2017 - Original EM-Bolt plate hits the market

We've subsequently introduced our thermally broken EM-Bolt embed plate line, allowing for thermally broken steel to concrete connections. To learn more about thermally broken embed plate applications, go to our blog Introduction to Thermal Breaks.

EM-BOLT embed plate engineering calculations are routine and follow the same guidelines and steps as a typical welded embed plate by following the requirements of ACI 318-14, Chapter 17. You can use the same software that you'd normally use including Hilti Profis Anchor and Simpson Strong-Tie Anchor Designer™.

You can go here for an example EM-BOLT boltable embed plate calculation using Simpson Strong-Tie Anchor Designer™.


Interested in learning more about how EM-BOLT boltable embed plates save construction costs and time? Take advantage of the Guide below!

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Would you like help with your concrete embedded plate engineering calculations? Reach out to us below.

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Embedded plate Revit drawings of our standard series of products are also available, for Revit drawings go here.

To learn more about the advantages of EM-BOLT Boltable Embedded Plates, go here.

To learn more about our Concrete Slab Thermal Break solutions, go here.

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EM-BOLT Embed Plates & Thermal Breaks

Will help you in:

  • Reducing your construction costs
  • Improving your building energy efficiency envelope
  • Reducing on site hazards and improving site safety
  • Reducing construction project timelines
Embed Plate Structural Engineering Calculations

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