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Announcing - Free Embed Plate Design Calculations and Details!

Posted by Tim Hardy P.E. on Feb 13, 2020 10:51:31 AM
Tim Hardy P.E.
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Using the innovative EM-BOLT embed plate design is a proven way to reduce construction costs and construction project timeline risks.

We've seen lots of repeat customers after they've used our innovative embed plate designs and thermal break solutions for the first time.

That's because of the impressive construction and energy cost savings that our innovative products deliver.

We want every Structural Engineer, Architect, Owner, and Construction Manager to feel confident when specifying and using EM-BOLT embed plates and thermal break solutions.

That's why when you use EM-BOLT products in your next construction project, EM-BOLT licensed structural engineers alleviate pressure on your structural design team by providing the embed plate design calculations and details free of charge.

Learn about EM-BOLT Embed Plate Construction Cost and Timeline Savings Below:

New Embed Plate Technology

Reducing Construction Field Welding Costs

Designing Out Construction Delays With Embed Plates in Concrete

Welded Steel Embedment Plates vs. EM-BOLT Boltable Steel Embedment Plates Cost

Comparison - Which is the Better Value?

EM-Bolt Boltable Embed Plate Installation Details - How EM-BOLT Embed Plates are Installed


Get Free Embed Plate Design Calculations and Details!

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Below are images of our standard range of EM-BOLT embed plate designs which cover many AISC standard steel beam-to-concrete foundation connection applications. Custom embed plate designs are also available to suit your particular application!


New Embed Plate Design

Embed Plate Design Reduces Construction Costs









Product Range for New Embed Plate Design

Coated Embed Plate Design







Embed Plate Design Product Range

Embed Plate Design_Side View





The EM-BOLT embed plate design also enables thermal breaks where it has previously been difficult to reduce thermal bridging through concrete-to-steel connections.

Learn about EM-BOLT Innovative Concrete-to-Steel Thermal Break Solutions:

New Concrete-to-Structural Steel Thermal Break Solutions

Embed Plates with Concrete Thermal Break Technology Speeds Complex Building Construction

Thermal Break Embed = Construction Cost & Energy Savings vs Weld Plate


The range of EM-BOLT embed plates with thermal break technologies is expanding to cover not only steel beam-to-concrete foundation applications but also concrete slab-on-deck to concrete foundation connections as well:



Embed Plate Design with Thermal Break



Embed Plate Design with Thermal Break Technology










Thermal Break with Embed Plate Design

Thermal Break Slab on Deck Solutions









Reach out to us by clicking the offer below and let's discuss your project!

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EM-BOLT Embed Plates & Thermal Breaks

Will help you in:

  • Reducing your construction costs
  • Improving your building energy efficiency envelope
  • Reducing on site hazards and improving site safety
  • Reducing construction project timelines
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