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Welded Steel Embedment Plates vs. EM-BOLT Boltable Steel Embedment Plates Cost Comparison - Which is the Better Value?

Posted by Tim Hardy P.E. on Jul 26, 2019 4:31:00 PM

Embedment Plates are not an inconsequential cost to the foundations of large construction projects. Here's a way to bring this cost down.

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EM-BOLT Boltable Steel Embed Plate Installation for Structural Steel Foundations

Posted by Tim Hardy P.E. on Jul 24, 2019 4:27:12 PM

Save time and money and improve safety on your next construction project with this proven steel embed plate.

The videos below walk you through the features and benefits of patented the EM-BOLT boltable steel embed plate and demonstrate how easy it is to use. 

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EM-BOLT Embed Plate Design - Using Simpson Strong-Tie Anchor Designer ™ Software Analysis

Posted by Tim Hardy P.E. on Jul 19, 2019 8:39:00 AM

Engineers and designers who are considering switching to EM-BOLT  boltable embed plates from standard field welded embed plates are often concerned that their standard embed plate design practices won’t hold. In reality, embed plate design for EM-BOLT boltable embed plates is no different than designing for standard field welded embed plates. The same calculations and software are used to validate the embed plate design.

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Patented EM-BOLT Boltable Concrete Embed Plate Structural Load Test to ACI 318-14

Posted by Tim Hardy P.E. on Jul 16, 2019 8:29:06 AM

In the engineering world, new technologies are constantly being developed. An example of a new design for concrete embed plates is the patented EM-BOLT Boltable Concrete Embed Plate (PATENT No.: US 9,359,756,B2). The EM-BOLT BEP-2 two-row boltable concrete embed plate model was tested at the Advanced Structures and Composites Center at the University of Maine, Orono Maine, in 2016 to determine the governing failure mode and maximum load.

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Introduction to Thermal Breaks

Posted by Tim Hardy P.E. on Jun 11, 2019 4:31:56 PM

Energy costs continue to be a factor in building design and construction with increasing pressure from consumers and building owners on architects and engineers to deliver more comfortable, energy efficient spaces. The construction industry is innovating to deliver what the market wants, in ways that the market can sustain from a cost standpoint.. Architects and structural engineers look to thermal breaks to improve building envelope thermal performance. The challenge as structural engineers is to incorporate the concept of thermal breaks while maintaining the structural design requirements of the building codes.

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EM-BOLT Embed Plates & Thermal Breaks

Will help you in:

  • Reducing your construction costs
  • Improving your building energy efficiency envelope
  • Reducing on site hazards and improving site safety
  • Reducing construction project timelines

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