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Innovative Steel-to-Concrete Connections Solve Many Building Construction Problems

Posted by Tim Hardy P.E. on Feb 18, 2020 4:55:58 PM
Tim Hardy P.E.
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EM-BOLT is developing a series of innovative steel-to-concrete connections to solve many structural steel construction problems.

The construction industry is facing a well-known and unprecedented skilled labor shortage. Construction PMs have to allocate skilled resources carefully in order to meet construction project cost and timeline goals.

While this is occurring, not only are all companies in the construction industry under intense cost pressure to compete, but they have to deliver buildings that can meet increasingly stringent energy codes.

EM-BOLT is founded by seasoned structural engineers. Based upon our experience ‘in the trenches’ so to speak, delivering building structural steel designs and working through on-site construction challenges, we’ve seen up close many of the challenges that the construction industry faces.

A consistent issue faced by structural engineers and structural steel firms is reliably making the steel-to-concrete connections cost-effectively while meeting the new stringent energy codes. 

Below is an overview of the innovative steel-to-concrete connections that EM-BOLT has developed to address these issues.

The first product is the EM-BOLT boltable embed plate. Traditional embed plates are designed for a welded connection to the steel beam. This form of steel-to-concrete foundation connection (welded) is reliable. However, by making this connection bolted, significant on-site welding resources are freed up to focus on welding projects that are more valuable or more time-critical.

Example of New Steel to Concrete Connections TechnologyThe New EM-BOLT Boltable Embed Plate - Steel to Concrete Connections Technology


Making the embed plate steel-to-concrete connection bolted is proven to save significant construction project costs and time


Steel to Concrete Connection Coated
EM-BOLT Embed Plate with Weathershield Thermoplastic Powder Coating (Plascoat - PPA - 571)

While lowering construction project costs and reducing construction timelines, making the embed plate steel-to-concrete connection boltable also enables the integration of thermal break material at this connection. This aids significantly in helping structural steel buildings to meet new stringent energy codes.

Embedded Plate with Thermal Break Technology

EM-BOLT Boltable Embed Plate Steel-to-Concrete Connection with Thermal Break Technology

The EM-BOLT TSS (Thermal Slab Shelf) system provides a thermally broken slab-on-deck connection to the concrete foundation. As noted in our New Thermal Break Concrete Slab Solution Reduces Construction and Energy Costs article, this innovation enables the insertion of a thermal break material into a critical joint.


Insulated Steel-to-Concrete Connections
The EM-BOLT TSS System for Concrete Slab-on-Deck Applications

As structural engineers, we’re excited to be able to bring these innovative steel-to-concrete connection solutions to the construction industry. We know the challenges that many of our peers face and we enjoy supporting them as they strive to deliver buildings that are more energy efficient, healthier for the occupants and more cost-effective to build.

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EM-BOLT Embed Plates & Thermal Breaks

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  • Reducing construction project timelines

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